Matchin, W., Luke Adams, Whitney Footman, Emily Wood, Julius Fridriksson, Argye Hillis, Gregory Hickok. (2019). The morphosyntactic generation (MorGen) task: quantifying dissociable production deficits in post-stroke aphasia and primary progressive aphasia. Poster presented at the University of South Carolina Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders 'Get the Message' conference in Fall 2019. PDF

Matchin, W., Basilakos, A., Stark, B.C., den Ouden, D., Fridriksson, J., & Hickok, G. (2019). Paragrammatism, agrammatism and the cortical organization of syntax: a lesion-symptom mapping study. Poster presented at the Society for the Neurobiology of Language in Helsinki, Finland. PDF

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