We have developed a simple picture-identification task (similar to the Philadelphia Naming Task) called the MorGen (Morpho-syntactic Generation). This task involves the production of two-word phrases which reliably elicits phrasal morpho-syntax. Preliminary results reveal double dissociations across a number of different conditions, and case studies have allowed us to identify that lesions to temporal cortex impair lexical production generally while lesions to frontal-parietal cortex selectively impair moprho-syntax.

Mapped lesion in person with general lexical deficits

Performance on picture naming task

Mapped lesion in person with selective morpho-syntactic deficits

Performance on picture naming task

Our recent lesion-symptom mapping working in agrammatism and paragrammatism (Matchin et al., in review) has shown that these two distinct syndromes map onto Broca's area and the posterior temporal lobe, respectively (as predicted in Matchin & Hickok, 2019). These results are consistent with a role for pSTS/MTG in hierarchical lexical-syntactic structure, and a role for Broca's area in morpho-syntactic linearization.

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