I am an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of South Carolina. I direct the NeuroSyntax lab, which studies the neurobiology of human language, incorporating insights from linguistic theory. I am developing a model of syntax in the brain, including how this applies to disorders of sentence comprehension and production in aphasia, or language disorder due to stroke.

We are looking for potential students and research staff - please contact me if you are interested!


We'll be doing some cool fMRI studies on sentence processing and working on patient data. The collaborative group here at USC is of the highest quality, including the Aphasia Lab and C-STAR NIH P50 project headed by Julius Fridriksson, and the new Siemens fMRI scanner at the McCausland neuroimaging center.


Email: matchin AT mailbox DOT sc DOT edu

William Matchin, PhD

About me

I completed my PhD at UC Irvine in the department of Cognitive Sciences under the supervision of Gregory Hickok and Jon Sprouse. I completed two postdocs in Linguistics: the first with Ellen Lau at the University of Maryland, and the second with Rachel Mayberry and Eric Halgren at UC San Diego. Both of them focused on sentence processing using the brain imaging techniques of fMRI and MEG, including the study of syntax in American Sign Language. I've always been interested in aphasia and am now working directly with patients here at USC. Formal linguistic theory, psycholinguistics, and neuroscience each provide important insights into the nature of language. These insights are often under-appreciated across fields, and my research attempts to bridge gaps across fields in order to develop an integrated science of language.

I'm involved in local politics, and I enjoy blogging about various issues, particularly the role of linguistics in cognitive neuroscience. In my spare time I try to avoid killing various plants and enjoying the natural beauty, as well as the human cultural richness, of South Carolina and the Columbia area.

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